Machambi, I used to be a freak ‘; Kochupreman’s reply to the troll

Actor Kochupreman is now a star on social media among the youth. Everyone was amazed by the appearance of the little lover in the freakin look who grew his hair and beard. His first film, ‘Seven Colors’, went viral. Kochu Preman told Manorama Online that the troll is proof that today’s generation also likes it and he is very happy that it is going viral.

‘My first film was a scene in seven colors. It was the film of Manjilas, the most powerful film company of the day. Manjila’s is a company that has made great films like Sakshi and Nazeer on Yakshi, Slaves, Sea Bridge, Vazhvemayam, and Punarjanjanmam. Getting a chance to act in one of their films is a big deal. That was when I was acting in a play. ‘

‘The director of the film Seven Colors was there to see my play. He was interested in seeing my acting and he called me to that movie. It was directed by JC Kuttikkad. The film was released in 1976. It was the time when the famous actors of the time were running to act in the films of that company. It was an opportunity I could not even dream of. The film ran well that day. The superstars of the day, Vidhubala and Jose, were the heroines. ‘
‘Bahadur Iqbal and I did comedy in it. He did everything he could to help me. I had long hair and a beard that day. That’s all we can grow at no cost. I was ready to cut my beard and hair for the movie. But the director said, ‘That’s not it, Prema, aren’t you raising a lot?’ I did some styling on the hair and kept it. It’s nice to see kids sharing it now called Early Freakin.

‘It was a time when the drama was being played without any work or pay. After that movie, they called me to their own movie “They”. But its shoot was in Madras. The family was not allowed to leave that day. He reluctantly had to give up the opportunity. Then again, Pillar wrote a play in the countryside and played in it. He later turned to professional drama. He later acted in the movie Prince of Delhiwala. There has been no shortage of cinema since then. She has acted in over 300 films. Recently she acted in Mammootty’s Priest. He has done a good role in Mohanlal’s Arat. I did a couple of short films in between. The lockdown came again while I was acting in Shaji Kailas ‘Tiger.’

‘This troll was sent by a few friends this morning. I really enjoyed that troll who wrote “Did you hear I was a freak in the past”. Today’s generation recognized me after seeing a scene from a movie in which I acted for the first time. I heard that the film is going viral as well. I am glad to know that today’s children love us too. ‘- Kochupreman says.

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