Kerala’s Sweltering Heat Drives Rs 100 Crore Spending on Bottled Water in 8 Months

The relentless rise in temperatures has transformed packaged drinking water into an indispensable commodity in Kerala. Over the past eight months, it is estimated that the people of Kerala have invested roughly Rs 100 crore in bottled water.

Compared to previous years, the deficit in rainfall and the escalating temperatures have led to a significant surge in water consumption, resulting in a substantial boost in bottled water sales. The period between February and May witnessed a notable upswing in bottled water sales in Kerala, driven by the hot weather and various festive occasions.

Recognizing the surging demand in Kerala, companies responded by increasing the availability of bottled water in the market. Merchants report a 20 percent spike in sales during the Onam season alone.

The state witnesses the daily sale of around 60,000 one-liter packaged drinking water units. The majority of these sales occur in tourist destinations and urban centers, with half-liter and one-liter bottles priced at Rs 10 and Rs 20, respectively. Notably, “Hilly Aqua,” a bottled water brand operated by the state government’s Kerala Irrigation Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (KIIDC), is sold at Rs 15 per liter.

Furthermore, both households and businesses prefer 20-liter mineral water containers, with suppliers charging approximately Rs 60 per unit from the public. The highest demand for these larger containers is observed in Ernakulam district, followed by Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, and Thrissur district.

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