‘2018’ at the Oscars: A Journey of Indian Cinema’s Triumphs and Challenges

Entering the prestigious Oscars race is a dream for many filmmakers, presenting an opportunity to showcase their work on the global stage. However, this endeavor is not without challenges. ‘2018,’ the latest Indian film to receive an official entry to the Academy Awards, faces a daunting journey to catch the attention of the Oscars jury. Let’s explore the strategies and hurdles involved in this exciting yet challenging endeavor.

Challenges Faced: The selection of films for the Oscars entry in India happens close to the deadline, leaving filmmakers with minimal time for preparation and promotion. Unlike many other countries, where official entries are declared well in advance, Indian filmmakers often find themselves in a time crunch. Additionally, marketing plays a pivotal role, but investing substantial funds in promotion becomes a challenge due to the lack of guaranteed returns.

Strategies and Approaches: Despite the time constraints, filmmakers like the team behind ‘2018’ are strategizing to overcome these challenges. One approach involves highlighting universal themes in their films, making them relatable to international audiences. ‘2018,’ focusing on the impact of man-made disasters, resonates globally, making it relevant to viewers worldwide.

Moreover, the advent of OTT platforms has transformed the film distribution landscape. Films like ‘2018’ can leverage these platforms for extensive marketing, eliminating the need for physical DVD submissions. Emphasizing the film’s message and societal relevance becomes a crucial promotional strategy, appealing to the social conscience of viewers.

Furthermore, independent efforts and proactive marketing are essential. Producers and filmmakers are willing to invest significant efforts in promoting their films independently, aiming for international recognition. While facing stiff competition from other countries, the goal is to secure a spot among the 15 films shortlisted for the Oscars, a feat that demands rigorous promotional endeavors.

In addition to the Oscars, filmmakers are also considering entering renowned events like the Golden Globes, expanding their reach and visibility on the global awards stage. The journey to the Oscars is undoubtedly challenging, but with strategic planning, universal themes, and proactive marketing, Indian films like ‘2018’ are making determined strides toward international recognition.

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