M M Mani Vows to Persist in Advocating for People’s Rights Despite Threats

M M Mani, Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), has asserted that if residents are unable to reside in Idukki, the Kerala High Court should mandate their rehabilitation. He has urged the court to attentively listen to the concerns of the affected individuals and ensure they receive the rightful compensation they deserve.

Undaunted by any threats, Mani emphasized his unwavering commitment to championing the rights of the people. Furthermore, he criticized the unilateral construction ban imposed by the district collector, highlighting the absence of consultation with representatives from thirteen panchayats within the district.

Mani made it clear that any actions taken at the discretion of an official that run contrary to the will of the people will be met with vocal opposition. He called upon the high court to recognize the gravity of the collector’s directive and take appropriate measures to address the situation. This statement was delivered during a protest gathering organized by the CPM.

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