Successful Kidney Transplant for Omani Girl at Kozhikode Hospital

A challenging kidney transplant surgery has been successfully performed on a nine-year-old girl from Oman at the Baby Memorial Hospital in Kozhikode. The young patient, Shrok Adil Mohammad Al Amri, received a kidney donated by her mother, Alkhayar Suhail Al Amri. The entire medical process spanned a month and presented complications when a swelling was discovered in the mother’s renal artery.

Prior to the surgery, the girl underwent three dialysis sessions per week to maintain her health. As Shrok reached the appropriate age for the transplant, doctors in Oman strongly recommended proceeding with the procedure. Alkhayar, aged 41, willingly donated her kidney to her daughter. Interestingly, Shrok’s father, Adil Mohammad Al Amri, had previously donated his kidney to her elder sister Fathima, who faced similar kidney-related issues. Fathima’s kidney transplant surgery had taken place in Delhi.

During the pre-transplant medical assessment for Shrok, a swelling was detected in Al Khayar’s renal artery, prompting the family to seek treatment at Baby Memorial Hospital. Dr. Sunil George, a senior nephrologist at the hospital, advised the family to pursue the kidney transplant only after addressing Al Khayar’s renal condition.

A dedicated medical team led by Dr. Sunil George, along with Dr. Poulose Chally, Dr. Harilal V Nambiar, and Dr. E K Ramdas, successfully carried out the kidney transplant procedure. Both Shrok and her mother left the Kozhikode hospital in good health on Wednesday evening, with plans to return to Oman via a scheduled flight on Friday.

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