PM Modi Urges MPs to Prioritize National Development Over Party Growth in New Parliament Building

As the Lok Sabha convened in the new Parliament building for the first time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a speech calling upon MPs to leave behind past grievances and embark on a new chapter in Indian governance. Modi, serving as the Leader of the House, emphasized that the actions taken within the new complex should serve as an inspiration to every citizen in the country.

The prime minister underlined that the new Parliament building represents the aspirations of India’s 140 crore (1.4 billion) citizens and symbolizes a fresh start. He urged lawmakers to let go of any lingering animosity and focus on their duties within the new parliamentary chambers.

Modi also took a moment to acknowledge the laborers, referred to as ‘shramjeevis,’ who played a vital role in the construction of the new Parliament building. He emphasized that Parliament is a sacred space dedicated to serving the nation’s interests, and its primary purpose should be the development of the nation rather than the growth of political parties.

In his address, the prime minister highlighted the significance of the new Parliament building as a reflection of the collective aspirations and hopes of the Indian populace. He encouraged MPs to work diligently to inspire and benefit every citizen of the country.

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