Uttar Pradesh Government Bans Halal-Certified Products, Citing National Security Concerns

The Uttar Pradesh government has imposed an immediate ban on the production, storage, distribution, and sale of food products with halal certification within the state, citing concerns about national security and alleged attempts to create societal divisions. The ban excludes products manufactured for export. Strict legal actions are threatened against individuals or firms engaging in halal-certified products, with an emphasis on medicines, medical devices, and cosmetics.

Key Points

Ban and Exemptions: The government prohibits halal-certified products within Uttar Pradesh, except those intended for export. Legal consequences are outlined for involvement in the production, storage, distribution, purchase, and sale of such products, particularly medicines, medical devices, and cosmetics.

Reasons Behind the Move: The government claims that certain products, including dairy items, sugar, bakery products, peppermint oil, ready-to-eat beverages, and edible oils, are being labeled with halal certification. There are concerns about the unfair financial benefit, potential ties to anti-social or anti-national elements, and the creation of societal divisions through unrestrained propaganda.

Regulatory Violations: The statement emphasizes that there are no provisions for halal certification on labels in government rules related to drugs, medical devices, and cosmetics. Any direct or indirect mention of halal certification on these products constitutes falsification and is deemed a punishable offense under applicable laws.

FIR and Allegations: An FIR has been registered in Lucknow Commissionerate against entities such as Halal India Private Limited, Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind Halal Trust, Halal Council of India, and others. The complaint alleges the exploitation of religious sentiments, a potential large-scale conspiracy, and attempts to decrease sales of non-halal certified products.

Response from Certification Bodies: Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind Halal Trust termed the allegations as “baseless” and vowed to take necessary legal measures to counter misinformation. It emphasized adherence to government regulations and highlighted the certification process’s voluntary nature based on individual and manufacturer preferences.

National Security Concerns: The government asserts that halal certification provides an unfair advantage to anti-social and anti-national elements. Allegations include unrestrained propaganda to discourage the use of non-halal certified products, harming the business interests of other communities and weakening the country.

The Uttar Pradesh government’s ban on halal-certified products reflects concerns about national security, potential regulatory violations, and societal divisions. The move is met with legal responses from certification bodies, emphasizing adherence to regulations and the voluntary nature of certification choices. The situation raises questions about the intersection of religious practices, business interests, and government regulations.

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