Celebrations Spark as Mohanlal Marks His 64th Birthday in Kerala

Indian film industry marvel Mohanlal celebrates his 64th birthday today. Known for his exceptional acting skills, Mohanlal plans to have a modest celebration with his family at his Besant Nagar residence in Chennai. Meanwhile, social media platforms like Instagram are already brimming with reels and fan videos celebrating Kerala’s most revered superstar.

Currently a popular reality show host, Mohanlal celebrated his birthday with the contestants on Sunday. Additionally, a birthday celebration is planned on the set of Tharun Moorthy’s latest film, where Mohanlal plays the lead role. This film marks the reunion of the iconic pair Mohanlal and Shobana after 15 years, adding to the excitement.

According to Hindu astrology, Mohanlal was born under the star Revati, the First Point of Aries. This year, the birth star falls on June 2nd. Following his mother’s wish, Mohanlal will visit a temple and conduct special rituals on this specific date, adding a traditional touch to his birthday celebrations.

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