5G to be flourished soon

5th Generation Technology to be a household name, in the next few years

5G the latest generation of cellular mobile communications to rule the world in the next few months. Netizens and techies are excited and eager to avail it to the fullest.

It targets at high data rate, reduced latency, energy saving, cost reduction, higher system capacity and massive connectivity.

The curiosity to access the benefits of the technology has an equally important counter part.That the researchers have a warning of spying of data.

A research paper from the researchers of the Technical University of Berlin, ETH Zurich and SINTEF Digital Norway details the problems that might arise in the technical ambit.

The vulnerability affects Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA). Thus by hacking this it will be easy for hackers to steal information as well as other communication details.

So the threat is not so simple as it can intensely affect the users and it is necessary to be vigilant.

As of now there is no proper method is figured out to fix this issue. So it while expressing the pleasure of grabbing the new technology, there is a matter of concern as well.

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