Manikarnika – Movie Review

Manikarnika - The Queen of Jhansi, An Outstanding Period Drama

A the real life story of the warrior queen. History of a woman who redefined womanhood.
Not just elegance and charm but bravery too be used to define a woman.
If she can manage the kitchen, carry the responsibilities of house, then she can do everything else.
There is no one mightier than one who is able to give birth to another.
It has everything that a viewer demands for. A superb cast. Commentable performances from each and every actor. Be it Kangana, Ankita Lokhande, Atul Kulkarni, everyone played their part, in fact lived as those characters.
The background music by the legendary trio of Indian music, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, has grabbed our ears as always. It gives us a wibe like it’s happening there.
Another highlight of the movie is it’s eye capturing cinematography. Gnana Shekhar has utilized his skills as a painter as well, which is very necessary fir a period drama.
Such a perfect blend. A historic movie, made in a historical way. It must be said so.
Manikarnika is in news since it is announced. It’s theme, usual controversies and everything kept on being the headline.
Director walking out half way, and then the job is done by the lead actress. She completed it absolutely flawlessly.
Kangana Ranaut is the Queen of Bollywood in both ways. By representing the fraternity of ease of acting as well as being the rebel unlike the other actors. She is taking our belief in her to another level and through Manikarnika, we got a chance to witness her capacities as a director also. A very good sign for Bollywood and Indian Cinema.
But her capability of acting is glorified once again. She is the best one to fit in the shoes of Rani Lakshmi Bhai.
A complete movie and it hooks the audience right from the start till the end. These 148- minutes will definitely take us to the period of The Queen of Jhansi, Manikarnika.!

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