Nine Movie Review

A different Movie from the Youth Icon to treat our eyes

AS the caption reads, ‘the Powers from another World, the Power came out of him- his kid  and Nine days’. It was a visual treat of 149 minutes,the Youth Icon of Malayalam film industry and as always or much more, his scintillating performance. That defines Nine-the movie.

Nine is a movie that is taking us to a different world. A world that is not so familiar for the Malayalam film industry. It is a science fiction. Which has certain horror elements. In another angle, it is a chariot of emotions. To take all these things under one shield sounds difficult. But that has happened here, with ease.

Nine has it’s score in each areas as specified. Technical side of the movie is well displayed showcasing the scientific elements. Concerns for his kid, Adam has narrated the emotional side of Albert. Loneliness by losing his lady love, wife and the passion that he still maintains for her takes the viewers to witness a purely romantic and intimate side.

Albert , Annie and Adam makes the soul of Nine

Master Alok brings in his acting skills as Adam, who is the life of this movie. Prakash Raj’s short stint is also making the movie more interesting.

Camera work by Abhinandan Ramanujan is sticking our to the screen towards the end. It is capture in Red Gemini 5K camera, makes it’s debut in Indian Cinema. Captured the beauty of all it’s locations, including Himachal  Pradesh , Manali, Spiti Valley Thiruvananthapuram, Kuttikkanam.

The icing on the cake is Mamtha Mohandas. She is simply superb and is capturing our hearts by each movie and each character, even if it is a throughout character or a simple cameo. She puts her signature in all that.

Direction by Jenuse Mohammed is worth commenting. he has improved a lot from his first movie, ‘Hundred Days of Love’ . Sony Pictures Films has chosen a great choice to launch themselves in the Malayalam movie industry.

Towards the end ‘Nine’ is a movie with so many elements brought together to provide a different cinematographic experience. That will impress everyone who goes out to watch this film.


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