Valentine week is here

The official week for all Lovers and All who Loves

Valentine week is here. February 07th to 14th. From Rose day to Valentines day. Each day has an individual significance which is very much related to the aspects of the Valentines Day. Greetings to all! The Month of Romance and Love is ahead of us. This is the time to cherish for all lovers and all who loves this feeling.

Rose Day is the first and foremost day of the Valentines Week. Thus, to start the week with a romantic and lovely mood, we need to start with the roses. Yes, this day is meant for showing love through sharing roses with your dear ones.

Propose Day is the second day and this is also an important day for those who are waiting for the chance to propose to their loved ones. This day is your chance to propose. In this day, you can take your dear one to a romantic spot and propose your love. It could be more romantic if you could provide something that will seal the deal.

The third day is Chocolate Day, then Teddy Day, Promise Day , Hug Day, Kiss Day and Valentines Day.

This is time for everyone to rejoice the feeling of Love, and to make the maximum out of it.

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