AR Rahman’s comment gets viral

AR Rahman's Comment Defending Daughter's Pic Speaks A Lot

AR Rahman’s comment in daughter’s defence goes in vain. Indian music composer AR Rahman was trolled on social media. He is a legend of music. It is underlined internationally when he won the Oscar Award. Recently his daughter Khatija wore a niqab at an event. He defended stating it as her “freedom to choose”. Rahman recieved flak on social media after a celebratory for 10 years of Slumdog Millionaire, which had won him the Academy Award.

On the occasion of 10 years of “Slumdog Millionaire”, A.R Rahman’s daughter, Khatija, accompanied the maestro on stage clad in a Niqab with only her eyes visible

His daughter had shared the stage with him during the event. She wore a black saree and her face was covered in a ‘niqab’ with only her eyes visible. Photographs from the event led a section of social media users to raise questions.

Rahman on Wednesday took to Twitter to shut the trolls with another photograph, which featured Khatija, his other daughter Raheema, wife Sairaa and Nita Ambani — from the event. “The precious ladies of my family Khatija, Raheema and Sairaa with Nita Ambaniji. Freedom to choose,” wrote Rahman in a subtle yet strong response.

However, this whole episode saw Twitter divided into two sides. while some supported Rahman’s idea of ‘freedom to choose’, others found it regressive.


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