Kumbalangi Nights : Movie Review

A truly realistic movie, made with a soul of simplicity

Kumbalangi Nights is a truly realistic movie. It is literally beyond words. It demonstrates simplicity to the core and the simplicity defines the movie. The impact was visible in everyone’s face after watching the movie. And that marks it’s success. Success in the box office as well as success of a well crafted movie.

Performances of each and every actor is it’s main highlight. They have not given us a feeling that they are acting. Actually they were living, as their characters. Be it Shane Nigam as Bobby, portrays the lazy youngster . Whereas Soubin Shahir absolutely fit in the shoes of the typical careless elder brother. Sreenath Bhasi in anot so familiar character and Dileesh Pothen’s cameo. With all that, icing on the cake, Fahadh Fasil.

Fahadh as Mr. Shammy is fabulous. A different character we don’t see often in movies, but in reality, there are so many people identical to that character. So it is easy to relate his character to our day to day life.

The female leads, especially Anna Ben who essayed the character of ‘baby’ has really nailed it with her natural performance. We cannot ask for more than this from a debut actress.

Madhu C Narayanan, the director has set a standard with Kumbalangi Nights, and is giving us great hopes to see more from him. Shyju Khalid’s camera work completed the movie as a very good one, to watch and to remember with good wibes.


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