Propose Day

A real life proposal : That turned out as a beautiful tale of Love

A real life proposal : That turned out as a beautiful tale of Love
On a not so odd afternoon, when she was alone at home, she got a call from him, that became their lengthiest conversation over phone till that particular afternoon. It was somewhat three hours.
As always their conversation was cheesy, crazy, moreover they express themselves to each other.
there were some silly fights, arguments and as they say even now they talk about everything under the sunlight everything beyond the moonlight. They never had a situation to search for a topic to talk. That is the magic of relationship.
During the conversation she told him with great vigour, that he is the one- whom she’s in touch with everyday from the place they got close. Besides him she has a very few occasionally contacting friends.
He told her in response,
“Arreh yaar that’s why I always say we are meant for each other in every sense”
She was confused.
It then turned out to be the best ever conversations that has happened in their life.
He told her ” if I was there I would have stood on my knees & asked u ‘WILL U BE MINE FOREVER’.
It didn’t take much time for her to respond, she just looked at his photograph & his eyes made her realize
‘Her World is defined in His Eyes’
& That marked their Beginning…
A long distance relationship turns out as effective as any other bond. Even now, after more than half a dozen of years they are maintaining it together to take further steps in life. And live together to experience all the fun and excitement, ups and downs and ultimately settle in their own horizon.

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