Wedding drama in Jharkhand- Hostage crisis, surrogate groom and an arrest

A Jharkhand man on way to his third wedding on Friday, is arrested on the complaint of his two wives.

It doesn’t get more bizarre than this. A Jharkhand man, on way to his third wedding on Friday, is arrested on the complaint of his two wives. He sends a proxy, his brother, who is held hostage by the furious relatives of the abride. Their demand — compensate all the expenses.

The man Karim was on way to his third wedding when he was picked up by the police. The groom then sent his brother, Rahim, to marry the bride in his place, police said.

When Rahim turned up for the wedding instead of Karim, the bride’s party became furious — they held the bridegroom’s party hostage after seeing that their original choice had been replaced.

Ponam Kujur, officer-in-charge (OC) of Kiriburu police station and in-charge of the local women’s police station, said, “We had brought Karim to the police station after his two wives objected to his third marriage. We told him about the legal consequences of his actions and, eventually, he agreed to stay with his two [existing] wives. He said that he was going for the third marriage under pressure from his mother. We’ve released him after he agreed to stay with his two wives and take care of them.”

The OC added that Karim’s two wives lived together with him, and they had told the police they’d have no problem continuing with this arrangement if their husband dropped his plan to marry again. “Karim has lived with his two wives for the past six-seven years,” she said.

Karim’s first marriage was to a girl from Noamundi; and the second marriage to a tribal girl from Kumirta village nearby. Women police reached Karim’s house when he was setting out with the baaraat for his third marriage in Sini on Thursday. People from the local community had informed the police.

To keep the wedding from falling apart, the detained bridegroom sent his brother, instead. But the family of the bride and the villagers of Sini were not interested in the substitute. They held the baaraatis hostage and demanded that their wedding expenses — a sum of Rs 2 lakh — be paid back by the absentee bridegroom.

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