Vande Bharat Express Delhi-Varanasi ticket fares are out

NEW DELHI: Vande Bharat Express or Train 18’s air conditioned chair car ticket will cost Rs.1,850 and the executive class fare will be Rs. 3,520 for a Delhi to Varanasi trip, includes the catering service charges, officials declares to PTI on Monday.

On its return journey, the chair car ticket will cost Rs. 1,795 and the executive car ticket will cost around Rs. 3,470, official shares.

While the chair car fares are 1.5 times the price of Shatabdi trains running the same distance, the executive class fares are 1.4 times of first class air conditioned seating in the premium train, the official source confirms.

The semi-high speed train schedules to flag off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 15,2019

The train has two classes of tickets — executive class and chair car — and both will have meals with different prices, the source says.

While passengers travelling from New Delhi to Varanasi in the executive class will charge Rs. 399 for morning tea, breakfast and lunch, travellers in the chair car will need to pay Rs. 344 for the same.

Those travelling from New Delhi to Kanpur and Prayagraj will have to pay Rs. 155 and Rs. 122 for executive class and chair car, respectively.

From Varanasi to New Delhi, the passengers will be charged Rs. 349 and Rs. 288 in the executive class and chair, respectively.

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