Oru Adaaru Love : Movie Review

The movie got famous just because of winking sensation Priya Warrior Could not bring the best of the actress

Oru Adaar Love, famous for Priya Prakash Varrier’s viral wink, has hit the screens this Valentine’s Day.

With Priya and Roshan Abdul Rahoof as lead pair (playing their namesakes), Oru Adaar Love is a coming of age school romance. A higher secondary school and the life within form the backdrop of this conventionally planned film.

Third time director Omar Lulu has hardly given his tried and tested track any tweak. He told Happy Wedding and Chunkzz in a college campus, and has moved to a junior college setting this time. His unidirectional story refuses to rise above the average. It’s the same boy-meets-girl story with the possibility of a love triangle.

The film was also talked about the controversial Manikya Malaraya Poovi song and the Freak Penne dance number. All these topics including the wink get over within the first 30 minutes.


The actual story is about the final year students who are going through a transitional phase. The boys and girls don’t know much about each other and the director wants us to believe that getting a girlfriend or a boyfriend is the only aim of their life. Then there are the usual tropes of teenage love—like staring at each other during class or meeting behind the campus walls, and a never to forget getting under the same umbrella scene. Then there is a lip-lock as well, which is as pointless as any other thing in Oru Adaar Love. One may wonder where all the teachers are gone.

Unfortunately, when they appear, it makes them appear funnier than they intended. Bizarre things continue as a student stalks a female teacher while she is busy teaching biology. But it doesn’t stop just here.

There is a porn angle as well. Actually, everything has been planned conveniently to suit a violent ending. What could have turned into an engaging tale of teenage realisation ends up nowhere. It’s a lost opportunity.

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