Movies and TV commercials will be allowed to shoot on the Aqua Line.

The Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) has decided to allow movie and commercial TV crews to shoot on the newly opened 29.71km Noida-Greater Noida Metro link. It is also known as the Aqua Line. The move is aims at generating revenue.

PD Upadhyay, executive director, NMRC, says that . “We have prepared a policy under which the NMRC will offer its Metro stations, trains, depots and other premises for shooting of films. Also for audio-video documentaries and television commercials for financial gains. Whosoever wants to undertake a shooting on our premises will have to pay in advance.”

Charges for hiring-

The fee for shooting inside the four coach train is Rs 50,000 an hour. The same rate is applicable for shooting inside a Metro station as well. There is also a combo offer. The fee for the train plus the Metro station will be Rs 75,000 per hour. As for the depot and other premises, the NMRC will charge Rs 3 lakh an hour.


“We will offer a 25% discount on all charges if the shooting will be done during non-operational or non-revenue hours and all prevailing taxes will be applicable. Every applicant will have to deposit a security amount as well. Which is refundable after the shooting is over.” Upadhyay says.

The security fee for the four coach train and station is Rs 1 lakh each. Rs 1.5 lakh for station plus train and Rs 6 lakh for depot and other premises, official says.

The applicant will not be allowed to use the footage if he/ she uses it to damage or harm the image of the Metro. The footage will be used only for purposes mentioned in the application at the time of seeking permission.

“The applicant will ensure that no passenger faces an inconvenience during the shooting and (s)he will get all necessary approvals before starting the shooting. (S)he will not be allowed to use weapons or animals that can disturb passengers.” Upadhyay says.

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