17-year-old girl abducted by two unidentified men on a motorcycle from Sarfabad

A 17-year-old girl was allegedly abducted by two unidentified men on a motorcycle on Thursday evening from near her house in Sarfabad village. The girl fought with her kidnappers to escape and later reported the matter to police. The probe is on in the matter, police said.

The incident took place around 7pm when the victim, a class 11 student of a private school in the area, had left her house. “There is a cowshed three houses down from our place. She had gone there to feed ‘chapatis’ to the cows. When she was on her way, two men on a motorcycle came from behind and put a cloth with a chloroform-type substance on her mouth due to which she lost consciousness,” the girl’s father said.

He said that the duo put her between them on the motorcycle and started roaming in the area. “Almost 20 minutes later, their bike hit a pothole. Due to the jerk, my daughter fell on the ground and regained her consciousness. She immediately started running in the opposite direction. One of the kidnappers started following her on foot and got hold of her. However, she bit off his hand and fled towards our house,” the father said.

He saw the girl outside the house. “She fainted as soon as she reached me. She narrated the whole incident after she regained consciousness. We immediately called up the police who asked us to get the medical treatment of the girl first,” the father said.

The police are scanning the CCTV footage from the area. A medical examination has also been ordered for the girl. Girija Shankar Tripathi, station house officer, Sector 49 police station said.

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