Arctic Polar Vortex is the reason for prolonged winter : India Meteorological Department

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecast a prolonged winter due to the ‘spilling of Arctic Polar Vortex’.

As a result, a drop in temperature is expected across the country till the end of the first week of March. In central Maharashtra and Marathwada, temperatures are likely to decrease on March 5 and 6, IMD has said.

IMD has advised people not to pack away their woollens as yet, as as winter is expected to continue till the first week of March.

IMD officials has predicted that, as a result of cold northerly winds, Central Maharashtra and Marathwada including Pune are likely to witness drop in minimum temperature on March 5 and 6.

Anupam Kashyapi head of weather at IMD Pune, said “Scientist have observed that the Spilling of Arctic Polar Vortex has had an impact on the Indian subcontinent and as a result we have seen increased frequency of western disturbances (Almost double).It also impact on heavy rainfall over western himalaya region.”

Kashyapi said that increased penetration of cold wave and cold days towards southern peninsula (till Telangana ) also has a strong correlation with the Spilling of Arctic Polar Vortex.

The frequent western disturbances at regular intervals in the Himalayan region as compared to the previous winter is also responsible for prolonged winter,IMD officials said.

Arctic Polar Vortex is a geographical phenomenon with a counter clockwise-spinning of rapid currents of air that prevents the frigid Arctic weather from escaping into other regions.

The IMD has advised people not to pack away the woollens yet. After a spell of ongoing warm, days another spell of winter chill is on its way.

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