Mutilated body of a child was trapped between car’s wheels in a hit and run incident

Patna : The badly mutilated body of a child was found trapped in a one of the wheels of a car at Indira Nagari area under Patliputra police station late on Wednesday.

When locals spotted the disfigured limbs dangling from the wheels, they raised an alarm. The persons seated inside the cad sensed danger and tried to flee. The locals followed them and intercepted the car after a long chase. They caught two men in the front seat while two girls who were reportedly seated on the rear seat managed to escape.

In the hit-and-run chase, the child’s limbs were found scattered all over the road from Ramnagari to Kurji. The irate mob roughed up the two men and damaged the car before the police arrived and took the men in their custody.

DSP Kotwali (law and order) R K Bhaskar said the deceased child would be around five- to six-years-old. “We are trying to find out where actually did the child come under the car’s wheel. The place of occurrence needs to be ascertained. We are interrogating the two men and also trying to identify the child,” he added.

Unconfirmed reports said the car hit the child at Rupospur area. “The four young men and women in the car probably preferred not to stop fearing reprisal from the locals. Ignorant of the fact that the child was still stuck under the wheels of their car, they continued driving for at least five kilometers.”

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