New price slabs by Tata Sky to combat with the recommendations of TRAI

Tata Sky has now brought special price slabs for customers with multiple TV connections to get on with the new regime by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

The operator is notably considering network capacity fee (NCF), service charges, and Tata Sky Binge service charges within the primary connection pack price to give some relief for customers who use multiple TV connections over separate connections.

Tata Sky is also charging customers with variable prices for their multiple connections. This means the charges on your secondary connections will be based on how you construct your channel package on the primary connection.

Besides the other benefits, Tata Sky in an updated document mentioned it would consider primary connection pack price for calculating charges on multiple TV connections. The primary connection pack price will also include NCF, service charges, and Tata Sky Binge service charge. Moreover, there will be a pack lock-in duration of one day.

Last month, Tata Sky and Sun Direct have removed network capacity fee on free-to-air channels. While Sun Direct revoked the charges completely, Tata Sky removed them partially for its subscribers. It was a move to counter other Direct To Home operators.

Telecom Talk additionally reports that Tata Sky will also offer a discount on channels packs for customers using multiple connections. The Hindi Lite pack that costs Rs. 295 for a single connection is said to be available for a secondary connection at Rs. 150. Likewise, the Premium sports English pack of Rs. 522 will be available at Rs. 300. The operator would also offer similar discounts on HD channel packs.

Tata Sky has also detailed the variable pricing for multiple TV connections. If a customer has a primary connection pack price of up to Rs. 100, then the secondary connection will be available at a monthly charge of Rs. 150. For customers who have a primary subscription between Rs. 101 and Rs. 200, they need to spend Rs. 200 on their secondary connection.

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