The rate of gold goes up for the third consecutive day in this week

The price of gold has gone up for the third consecutive time in this week.

Today 24 carat gold price in Delhi is 33369.8 rupees per 10 grams and for 22 carat it is 31200.8.

The price of 24 carat gold in Kerala is 32,950.00 Indian Rupee for 10 grams whereas for the 22 carat it is priced at rupees 29,910 for 10 grams.

In India, there is a sentimental value associated with gold. The yellow metal symbolizes prosperity and wealth. The jewellery is so dear to Indian women that they can’t enough of it.The rate changes every day. This change is really crucial for Indians as the use is really higher in India than in any other country.

Gold ornaments are quite popular in our country. The shopping for Indian weddings is incomplete without the yellow metal. The best thing about it is that it can be easily sold in case there is a financial crunch.

While gold fascinates Indian women, it attracts investors as well. For investment purposes, investors buy coins, bars, ETFs etc. Investment experts recommend not buying jewellery for investment purposes. It is because when it is purchased; it attracts additional charges in the form of making charges.

Today the price of this metal is affected by various factors such as demand and supply, market scenarios across the globe and the strength of US dollar etc. Additionally, the price differs in various cities across India as well. Various factors such as taxes, demand, carriage, local associations etc. affect the gold price in different cities.

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