Working hours for schools rescheduled in Odisha expecting a heat wave

Bhubaneshwar : The state government of Odisha has directed schools, both public and private, to conduct morning classes from April 2.

This direction is issued after being informed about the heat wave in the upcoming days.

In an official circular issued on Saturday, authorities have ordered schools to hold classes from 6.30 am to 10.30 am from April 2, with mid-day meals to be served at 10.00 am.

“In no case, the school will remain open beyond 11:00 AM,” the notice mentioned.

Schools have been also been directed to complete assessment and examinations by March 30, during which it is mandatory to provide drinking water and first aid.

“Headmasters should be instructed to make provision of drinking water in the schools where the tube wells are not available. They should advice the students to come to school with umbrellas and water bottles during the summer season,” authorities said.

In the wake of the probable heat wave, the state government said physical training should be made optional for students in summer as it might lead to severe consequences.

Summer vacation will commence on May 6, it added. So till then having the possibility of the predicted heat wave schools will have to function during the time which is directed in the circlular by the Government of Odisha.

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