Lucifer-the First Directorial venture from Prithviraj is an outstanding commercial film

Lucifer- the film has it’s life.¬†As the film had all the necessary elements to be successful the result is no different. Having Actor Mohanlal, the natural actor and the king of Malayalam cinema on board as the lead, being directed by the youth icon of the industry, Prithviraj Sukumaran. Lucifer is an outstanding commercial film.

The movie would sound sound lengthy as it has 174-minutes running time. But the fact is the viewer won’t have that feeling. Because each minute is packed with interesting scenes. Towards the end Lucifer will not let the viewer to have a feeling of getting bored.

A political drama, based on the contemporary political situations, is the theme of this film.

The movie was announced on 2016, since then the viewers have been waiting . And the wait is really worthy, as it is a very good cinema.


The performance of Mohanlal is always above all parameters. He has completely become the character, ‘Lucifer’. The short lived character of Sachin Khedekar, being the life of the film is fabulous. Manju Warrier is no less than the male lead.

The highlight of the film was the antagonist played by Mr. Vivek Oberoi, who was once tagged with chocolate boy image in Bollywood. He really fit into the shoes of a perfect malayali character. His body language, expressions, reactions… everything gives us the impact of a grey shaded greedy character.

All the other characters are also presented and played brilliantly.

Technical Side-

Lucifer is technically a very good film. The camera work by Sujith Vaassudev, background scores of Deepak Dev and Murali Gopy’s script, were apt for ‘lucifer’ to be a complete film.

But more than anything else, it is the direction of Prithviraj, that has stole the show. He has really amazed us. It was beyond expectations for a debutante director to give this sort of an output.

Totally praise worthy performance as a director. His cameo role was also superb but his directorial skills leaves more impact on us.

Prithvi… we need more from you, you have taken our expectations to a totally different level

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