A Bengal family got burnt to death at home : Cause of fire has not identified yet

Kolkata : A family including two young girls were burnt to death in West Bengal’s Hooghly district, police said on Friday. There were four members at their house. The exact cause of the fire has not diagnosed yet.

“Surat Ali (42), his wife Rajina Bibi (36), daughters Arfin Yasmin (13) and Asiyana Khatun (6) were burnt inside their house in Chandanpur area,” a cop said.

The police has said that  Surat Ali was undergoing treatment for some mental health issues, and he has confirmed that that there’s no scope of an outsider to set the house on fire.

“Till the source of fire is identified and other details are clarified, it is difficult to ascertain the exact sequence of events,” he added.

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