Celebrate World Idly day – Emerge healthy by making it a part of your daily diet

March 30 is world idly day. Idli has not only stood the test of time but also emerged as one of the healthiest, most versatile snacks today. A survey on breakfast habits revealed that Chennai the best breakfast nutrient profile in the country.

There are some amazing health benefits that this South Indian breakfast dish can provide-

Idli is good for weight loss if you don’t want to compromise on taste. It’s delicious and filling at the same time. Make of rice, urad daal and salt, idli requires no form of fat for cooking. A single idli is just 39 calories and a plate of idlis sans the accompaniments is just under 100 calories. But if you want to up its nutritional profile, you can always reduce the salt in the batter and replace rice with brown or red rice.

Idli is a fermented food, it eases some of the burden on the stomach during digestion. The presence of lactic in idli also helps gut health, since the acid restores the pH balance in the intestines.

Urad dal or split black gram used in idlis is a high-fibre food, which contains both soluble and insoluble fibres. Idli serves as a great snack for those who have less-than-satisfactory bowel movements and digestive issues. The dietary fibre in the dish helps in the fast movement of stools, and rids you of bloating, constipation and cramps.

Idli is a low-sodium food with no cholesterol. Naturally, it’s good for the cardiovascular system. Idlis also contain a healthy amount of magnesium and potassium, which are great for the heart. These minerals improve blood circulation and maintain the health of blood vessels.

Idlis are made of rice, a great source of complex carbs, they are a great breakfast option for people who are on the go. A single idli can provide you with eight grams of carbohydrates. Plus, urad dal in the idli is rich in iron, which helps make red blood cells. These cells then transport oxygen to the rest of the body, providing the body with energy.

So checkout some recipes and start making use of the amazing benefits that this South Indian steamed breakfast dish can supply.

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