Good news for WhatsApp users who are annoyed by getting added into groups without permission

The latest update of WhatsApp now prevents others from adding users to groups without their permission.

Group invitation feature of WhatsApp was first spotted on beta, and it is now available for all users.  WhatsApp is rolling out the update for some users starting today. It will be available for all users gradually within the next few weeks. It can be checked manually.

It works as follows-

Go through the basic privacy section for groups. The app users can find it by going to the ‘Settings’ menu, and then selecting Account > Privacy > Groups.

Under Groups, users can choose either “Nobody”, “My Contacts”, or “Everyone”.

Each option is self explainable with ‘My Contacts’ will allow only the user’s contacts to add them on WhatsApp groups, and ‘Everyone’ will let even unsaved contacts add users.

Choosing “Nobody” will initiate a private add request to join the group. An invitation to join the said group will be sent to the users through a private chat.

WhatsApp gives users three days to accept the request, after which it will expire automatically.

WhatsApp already provides these security features for profile photo, last seen and status. Accordingly, users can adopt the same features for groups as well.

The app is currently working on other interesting features like dark mode, fingerprint authentication for Android and background play for Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode. These features are in the testing stage and yet to be available for public.

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