Union Minister Nitin Gadkari opens up about election : Takes it as a test of their governance

The BJP candidate from the Nagpur Lok Sabha and road transport and highways minister in the centre, Nitin Gadkari said the people should judge the government on the basis of the work it has done in the last five years.

“See, this time it will be a test of our governance. The ruling party should be analysed on the basis of its performance in five years. If people think we have not performed well, they may vote for another party,” Mr Gadkari said. “I don’t think politics is for power; I think politics is for the society.”

“I have never indulged into caste politics or nepotism. Sometimes, I joke with the people, what I did in five years was just a trailer. They are yet to see the full movie,” said the BJP leader who analysts maintain is seen to be an agreeable person among both the ruling and opposition ranks. He said he has no wish of becoming prime minister.

Last month, Mr Gadkari said he was getting calls from non-BJP parties, including Congress workers, wishing him success in the elections as he has “worked for all irrespective of their caste, religion, language and party affiliation”.

“I think there can be a difference of ideas but there should not be differences among people and that is true for political opponents too,” the Union Transport Minister said. “We believe in samajwad, samyawad, punjiwad (socialism, equality, capitalism). People are disappointed in these three aspects… But our party is trying to ensure rasthravad (nationalism) and good governance.”

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