The 2001 Mohammed Khaja murder mystery resolves after 18-years

The Hyderabad police have solved the murder case of Mohd Khaja, after 18 years. The case is the murder of son by the people who were hired by his mother. The reason for doing such a heinous thing was the son’s involvement in wrongful activities like gambling, and alcohol addiction.

Anjani Kumar, Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad has said: “On credible information, the Commissioner’s Task Force, South Zone Team, with the assistance of Mailardevpally Police of Cyberabad unearthed the mystery behind this 18-year old murder case and apprehended three accused persons.”

The accused have been identified as Syed Hasham, Mohd Rasheed and Basheer Ahmed Qureshi, who were allegedly involved in the murder.


The deceased’s mother Masooda Bee had three sons and five daughters. After the demise of her husband, she performed marriages of all her children except her second son Mohd Khaja. He became a burden to her since he was addicted to alcohol, playing cards and other social vices.

“Even after he grew up, he depended upon his mother for his expenses and harassed other family members. He started attacking his mother physically and sold the household articles in the house to meet his personal expenses,” the Police Commissioner said.

The police said that the death of Khaja as an unidentified person was reported and a case under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) was registered at Rajendranagar Police Station in Cyberabad on June 5, 2001.

“Masooda Bee felt insecure to the future of other family members due to Khaja, and made up her mind to get rid of Khaja. So she discussed her plan with her fourth and fifth son-in-laws Rasheed and Basheer respectively,” he said.

Mode of Killing

The police said that they all agreed and consulted their family friend Hasham, an auto driver, who assured to assist them in the murder.

“He was offered some amount towards expenses by Masooda Bee for completing this task, She is absconding now.” the police said.

The police further said, “In pursuit of their plan, about eighteen years ago, on 4 June 2001 evening time, three accused Hasham, Rasheed and Basheer invited Khaja for consuming toddy and all the four went to a toddy shop at Bandlaguda in Hasham’s auto.”

“Later, as per their plan, the three accused persons injured Khaja over the forehead with granite boulder and killed him. Thereafter, they went to Masooda Bee and informed her about Khaja’s death,” the Police Commissioner said.

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