CNG-fitted car explodes in Gurugram : Two killed and ten injured

Gurugram : Two persons were killed and at least 10 others injured in a fire caused by an explosion in a CNG kit-fitted car parked near a fireworks warehouse in an industrial area in Gurugram on Monday, police said.

Though the cause of the blast in the Kadipur industrial area near Gurugram’s Sector 10 is yet to be ascertained, it is suspected that someone might have thrown fireworks at the CNG-fitted car.

The fire spread rapidly and soon engulfed the warehouse, Gurugram police spokesman Subhash Bokan said.

The dead persons have been identified as Nepal Mahto alias Bawa, a native of Bihar, and Sattar of Rajasthan. 10 other labourers were also injured in this incident.

Two persons, identified as Bharat Bhushan Kataria and Bhupesh Kataria, have been arrested in connection with the incident, police said.

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