Paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren dies at the age of 92 : Hollywood mourns

Lorraine Warren, the paranormal investigator whose life inspired franchises like The Conjuring and The Amityville Horror, died. Actress Vera Farmiga, who played Lorraine in The Conjuring, The Conjuring 2, The Nun and Annabelle Comes Home, says she feels blessed to have known her. “She died peacefully in her sleep at home,” Warren’s son-in-law Tony Spera said on Facebook. She was 92.

He continued: “She was a remarkable, loving, compassionate and giving soul. To quote Will Rogers, she never met a person she didn’t like. She was an avid animal lover and contributed to many animal charities and rescues. She was wonderful and giving to her entire family. May God bless her.”

Along with her husband Ed Warren, the couple founded the New England Society For Psychic Research.

The two investigated a number of high profile supernatural cases including the Lindley Street poltergeist, the Smurl haunting, the West Point ghost, the Perron farmhouse haunting, and the Amityville murders.

The couple also wrote several books based on their case files. Her husband died in 2006.

Vera Farmiga tweeted: “From my deep feeling of sorrow, a deep feeling of gratitude emerges. I was so blessed to have known her and am honoured to portray her. She lived her life in grace and cheerfulness.

“She wore a helmet of salvation, she donned her sword of compassion, and took a shield of faith. Righteousness was her breastplate, and she has touched my life so. Love you Lorraine. You’re waltzing with Ed now.”

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