Death of engineering student in Bengaluru leads to huge protests in Karnataka

Bengaluru : Protests have been held in Bengaluru and North Karnataka’s Raichur following the death of a young woman whose body was found hanging from a tree.

The 23-year-old engineering student had gone missing on April 13. Her death was first considered a suicide.

But the engineering college students staged protests and later, Sudarshan Yadav, a man known to the victim was arrested on murder charges. He is in CID custody for questioning.

The investigation had been handed over to the CID after demands by the family of the victim.

Raichur residents held a protest on Thursday. In support of this, Bengaluru residents gathered at the Town Hall for a candlelight vigil. Those who took part spoke of how women are unsafe in society – and expressed their solidarity with the people of Raichur.

Priya Varadarajan, founder of the social organization Durga, said, “We as citizens want justice. We are collecting signatures and will submit a memorandum to the CM and Home Minister asking for an independent, fair trial as recommended by Justice Varma Committee post Nirbhaya.

We want people to realize this is what happens to you when you dare to do anything against India’s girls. Today’s cause is of course the girl we have lost, but it is also for the hundreds of girls we lose because of caste based violence, gender identity. We are fighting for girls who are losing themselves little by little because of stares, glares, whistling, touching, groping. We are done. We want our space.”

“Women’s safety is a national and state mandate and we demand the safety of our women and girls,” said a press release from the Bengaluru organizers.

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