Oru yamandan premakadha : Dulquer returns to mollywood with an out and out comedy film

Oru yamandan premakadha is a Malayalam film directed by BC Noufal. The film has marked the return of young star Dulquer Salman to mollywood after one and a half years.


Oru yamandan premakadha is a fun loving family flick. The film showcases the life of Lallu. A character we can find in our circle. An innocent youngster belonging to a rich family, yet chooses to lead a rather simple life. Lallu is good in everything. Everyone is fond of Lallu.

He has solutions for everything. A not so ambitious person who is awaiting to find the best his half of his life.

The film progresses with the life of this character and it is followed by some unexpected twists and turns.


The star cast includes Ranji Panicker, Salim Kumar, Nikhila Vimal, Samyukta Menon, and Vishnu Unnikrishnan .

Each and everyone played their part flawlessly. Be it Ranji Panicker or the extended cameo by Nikhila . All are praiseworthy.

The highlight of the film is undoubtedly the timely jokes by Salim Kumar and co. It was the life of the film.

Oru yamandan premakadha has shot in the natural beauty of Kochi and several other locations in Kerala. The camera work has been done by P Sukumar ISC. Like all his other films, he has captured Oru yamandan premakadha too with his signature.

But when the plot is analysed, the viewers should not be blamed if they say it could have been better. A very interesting first half triggers a lot hopes for the viewers. But somehow it fails to live upto our expectations.

An unwanted mess arises when the film goes towards the climax. It somewhere reminds us of certain Hindi films.

So Oru yamandan premakadha is a nice film. But it could have been a great film. The BC Noufal directorial flick could not give us a massive impact that we have expected from a Dulquer Salman movie.

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