Latest circular by Delhi government’s Labour Department to punish late comers

New Delhi : Cracking the whip on latecomers, the Delhi government’s Labour department has warned against deduction of casual leave of its officials, besides initiation of disciplinary proceedings.

In a circular, the department said 10 minutes of grace period is allowed for coming late or going early in special circumstances beyond one’s control.

“Though up to two such coming late/going early in a month can be condoned on valid grounds, each coming late or going early is liable to result in deduction of half-day CL and initiation of disciplinary proceedings for habitual latecomers…from the prescribed office hours,” statement stated.

It stated that all branch and district heads will observe and ensure punctuality and they will also keep up-to-date CL account of officials working under them and check any overtaking of leave beyond permissible limit.

“All the branch/district in-charges will ensure that the total staff working under them is making attendance in attendance register and also in bio-metric system,” the statement stated.

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