Recent study report suggests consumption of food items to boost sleep

A recent study report in the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, a strong link was found between working memory and factors like sleep, age and mood. Working memory plays a crucial role in how we use, process and remember information.

The report has made on the basis of two studies

There were two studies. In the first one, 110 college students were sampled for self-reported measures of sleep quality and depressed mood and their independent relationship to experimental measures of working memory. Whereas, in the second study, 31 members aged between 21-77 years were sampled. The age and its relationship to working memory was investigated.

As per the findings of the study, age is negatively related to the “qualitative” aspect of working memory-that is how strong or how accurate the memory is. The researchers have isolated the effects of the three factors on working memory quantity and quality.

The following food items boosts our sleep





Chamomile Tea


Lukewarm water

“We are more confident now about how each one of these factors impacts working memory,” Dr Zhang, one of the researchers said.

“This could give us a better understanding of the underlying mechanism in age-related dementia. For the mind to work at its best, it is important that senior citizens ensure they have good sleep quality and be in a good mood,” Zang added.

The researchers concluded by saying that these findings could lead to future interventions and treatments to counteract the negative impacts of these factors on working memory.

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