Groom comes drunk : Bride calls off marriage in Bihar

Patna : Radha Kumari, whose wedding was finalised with Suman Kumar from neighbouring Sakri Brahampur village a few months back, has become an inspiration in her village due to her courageous and prompt action.

She hails from West Raghuvirchak village in Madhubani district called off her wedding on Sunday when the groom showed up in a drunk state.

The incident took place on Sunday. The groom and his family reached Radha’s house for the wedding but Suman could barely stand by himself and somehow managed to reach the ceremony stage with support from his brother. He also kept abusing and did not seem to be in his senses.

Radha immediately decided to call off the wedding after seeing the groom in such a condition. Her parents stood by her and supported her decision.

Even after this incident, the bride’s side welcomed the 125 guests who had come along with the groom and also offered them dinner before respectfully bidding them goodbye. By then, the news had spread in the entire village. People thronged the venue and detained the groom, his father and brother and asked them to pay for the ceremonial expenses.

The local panchayat met the next day and hailed Radha’s courageous step. “She is a brave girl. We are proud of her,” said Ashok Yadav, village head of Mahinathpur panchayat.

Local police declined having any information about the incident.

A DSP said, “Since neither side approached us with a complaint, we did not have any role to play in the incident.”

“Women are now strongly raising their voice against exploitation. They have become more confident and aware of their rights. They are wise enough to understand right and wrong and thus take decisions about their marriage without fearing societal pressure,” said Ram Priya of All India Women’s Democratic Association (AIWDA).

Bihar is a dry state since 2016, after the Nitish Kumar government implemented a stringent prohibition act. Since the law has come into force, more than one lakh cases of violation of liquor prohibition has been registered while around 1.30 lakh offenders have been put behind bars.


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