PM tweets his second animated video performing tadasana

New Delhi : Prime Minister tweeted a second video of his own animated self performing tadasana this morning to inspire people to take up yoga.

The International Yoga Day is on June 21.

In a blue t-shirt and black track pants, PM Modi’s animated version is seen standing on a rug inside a spacious room with wooden flooring, overlooking a green manicured lawn, as he guides viewers through the stages of performing tadasana or palm tree posture.

“Doing Tadasana properly would enable you to practice many other Asanas with ease. Know more about this Asana and its benefits,” PM Modi tweeted with the hashtag #YogaDay2019.

The United Nations in recognition of yoga’s “universal appeal” agreed to mark June 21 as the International Day of Yoga in December 2014, the same year PM Modi suggested in a speech at the UN General Assembly that such an initiative would be an encouragement.

He posted the first video for this year’s event on Wednesday, guiding viewers on how to perform trikonasana or triangle pose.

The Prime Minister is a yoga enthusiast who has led large groups on Yoga Day at different locations across the country by performing asanas to promote the ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice.

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