Health Ministry of Rajasthan issued guidelines to be vigilant about Nipah

Jaipur : Rajasthan Health Minister has issued guidelines to all medical and health officials to prevent and control Nipah virus infection in the state.

Rajasthan Health and Family Welfare Minister Raghu Sharma  instructed the Medical and Health Department to ensure all the necessary measures for the prevention and control of Nipah virus.

The minister instructed the Rapid Response Team to identify suspected patients and take all necessary measures related to their safety and treatment. He informed doctors and medical personnel to provide guidelines issued by the central government regarding the Nipah virus.

The advisory on the direction of Rajasthan Health and Family Welfare Minister Raghu Sharma was issued keeping in mind detection of Nipah virus cases in Kerala.

The minister has appealed to those who come from Kerala to contact the nearby medical institution as soon as they notice symptoms like cough, cold and fever. He has urged the nursing staff of Kerala living in Rajasthan and working in Kerala to take special precautions.

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