300 Smart cowsheds to be built in Madhya Pradesh for abandoned cattle

Bhopal : The Animal Husbandry Minister of Madhya Pradesh said, “300” smart gaushalas “(cowsheds) to house abandoned cattle.

Mr. Lakhan Singh Yadav informed that the foreign firm, as per plan, will be asked to build 60 such cowsheds every year and complete the work in a five-year span.

“We are in talks with a foreign company to build 300 smart gaushalas. We are going to sign a memorandum of understanding for it, “he told PTI.

Yadav said the state government would set up 1,000 cowsheds of its own besides these 300.

Building Cowsheds was a promise during the 2018 Assembly polls.

Government sources say non-resident Indians are approached to fund these 300 cowsheds which will be equipped with air-conditioners.

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