Reduced demand : Downturn in prices of seasonal fruits & vegetables

Mumbai : The prices of all seasonal fruits including watermelon, papaya, and muskmelon dropped by at least 15 per cent as compared to last week, at the agricultural produce market committee (APMC), Pune, on Sunday.

The prices fell as a result of reduced demand, according to officials.

“There is a drop in demand for seasonal fruits as a result of the end of the season. And so the prices have come down,” said Vilas Bhujbal, president, Chhatrapati Shivaji market yard traders’ and agents’ association, Pune.

Apple and pineapple were sold at Rs 2,000-2,500 per 25 kg and Rs 70-Rs 150 per dozen.

On Sunday, 150 trucks of vegetables were delivered to agricultural produce market committee (APMC), Pune.

The prices of ladies finger increased from Rs 150-200 last week to Rs 250-300. While green chillies dropped from Rs 700-800 last week to Rs 600-700. Brinjal was sold at Rs 200-250 as compared to Rs 250-300 last week.

Meanwhile, prices of lemon increased from Rs 100-300 per bag last week to Rs 200-500 per bag. The prices of cluster beans dropped from Rs 200 to Rs 330 per 10 kg, to Rs 180 – Rs 200 per 10 kg this week. Also, prices of peas decreased from Rs 350 per 10 kg to Rs 300 per 10 kg.

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