Diana Penty opens up about her attitude in keeping private and professional life separately

Diana Penty has always preferred that the world talks about her onscreen work rather than her life offscreen. So much so that one might even feel scared to face her fury if asked about her personal life especially her rumoured boyfriend, diamond merchant Harsh Sagar.

Right from her debut as Meera in Cocktail Diana is maintaining her private and professional life separately.

She has been often been snapped with her beau, has never been vocal about her relationship. She says as a matter-of-fact that people should only talk about her work. “I’m a fiercely private person in general, and like to keep my personal life personal. I’ve managed to keep a difference between my professional and personal life. But, of course, I understand that in this [film] industry [public and personal life] kind of mixes and you can’t help it… It’s a part and parcel of life and comes with being an actor,” says the 33-year-old model-turned-actor.

The actor denies getting “upset” when asked about her relationship, even though she’s quite “private” in her real life. “I don’t get upset, I’m just like what does it have to do with work and what we are discussing; what is the point? I want to be known for my work, that’s most important. That’s my way of thinking,” she says.

She went on to say that not just her partner that she tries to safeguard from the media glare, but everyone who is close to her.

“I like to keep my close people private because I respect their privacy as well. That’s my train of thoughts. I’m very fiercely protective of the people that I love the most. Actually, I haven’t even spoken about my parents… I just protect the people that I love a lot, and want to keep them away from anything negative. When you ask me questions, I might answer it a certain way, and you might misinterpret or translate it in a different way. It can come across completely not the way I said it… I want to keep my core people away from that.”

Diana’s next project is Dinesh Vijan’s Shiddat opposite Mohit Raina.

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