Youngster drowned while posing for picture in the Yamuna

Lucknow : 24 Year-old tourist from Bhilai drowned while posing for photographs in the Yamuna river at a ghat in Mathura on Saturday.

Hitesh Varshney, who was part of tourist group on a visit to religious destinations, was posing with two children on his shoulder when he slipped, got swept away in the current and got drowned in the river. Hitesh was the only son of his parents with two younger sisters.

His body was later brought out by some boatmen who were around.The two children on his shoulders had a narrow escape as they were brought out of the river safely.

A group of 55 tourists from Bhilai (Chattisgarh) had reached Brahmand Ghat in Mathura on Saturday. Some of them decided to bathe in the Yamuna and Hitesh took Mohan and Lakshya Patel, the two kids, on his shoulder for a ‘better photographs’ but in process lost his balance and slipped. “Both children were saved but Hitesh went missing in the deep water.

The boatmen jumped into the river and brought him out but by that time he was dead,’ said an eyewitness. On getting information, police reached the spot and sent the body for post mortem examination.

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