Liquor ban in Bihar leads to over dependance of drugs among Biharis

Patna : Liquor ban in Bihar leads to over dependance of drugs among Biharis. Findings of Patna’s popular Disha de-addiction cum-rehabilitation Centre shows that people with better economic status, especially those with a monthly income of more than Rs 20,000 per month, are indulging in various kinds of addiction that include heroin/smack, alcohol, marijuana, charas, bhang, intravenous injections, inhaling whiteners and other adhesives.

Have a look at the data

While in the last one year, only 365 addicts with a monthly salary of up to Rs 5,000 came for de-addiction, the number increased to 1,832 when it came to addicts with a monthly income between Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000 who registered for the de-addiction program.

Disha’s data reveal that in the last one year 2,679 addictions of the above mentioned income group were registered with them for the de-addiction program. The figures sum up the trend that people in Patna with higher income are more likely to indulge in consuming addictives.

Opinion of Disha CEO

CEO of Disha De-addiction Centre, Rakhi Sharma said, “After alcohol ban, the number of drug addicts in the state has increased. People are now opting alternative ways of intoxication including heroin, alcohol, Marijuana, injection, and others which causes prolonged mental illness. For curing the patient, it is necessary to find out the root cause of his depression and minimise it.”

“The major reasons for youth getting hooked to drugs could be peer-pressure, unhealthy working environment, failure in relationship or career, and many more. Support of family plays a vital role in successful rehabilitation and prevents relapse of the therapy,” she said.

The number of addicts above 35 years is three times more than teenagers. One reason that could be attributed to the trend is the financial independence the older ones enjoy over the teenagers.

The NGO officials said that addicts brought to them for de-addiction are from various age groups. A total of 792 cases were registered in which addicts were below 18 years, 1746 cases in which addicts were between 18 to 35 years and 2338 cases in which addicts were above 35 years.

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