To get extra time for mother to finish breakfast, man pulled chain on train

Agra : A man travelling in the New Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi Express on Sunday pulled the chain at Mathura Junction so that his mother could finish her breakfast before the two alighted onto the platform. The chain puller, identified as Manish Arora of East Delhi, was nabbed and booked under section 141 of the Railways Act. Later, he was released on bail.

“The passengers were travelling in the C-8 coach of the train and had to get down at Mathura. They were served breakfast in Delhi but Manish’s mother had still not finished her meal by the time the train arrived at Mathura Junction. Manish chose to pull the chain and make it halt for extra minutes before they got down,” said CB Prasad, station house officer, Railway Protection Force (RPF), Mathura, on Monday.

He said that Manish admitted to pulling the chain to allow his mother extra time to finish the breakfast that was served in the train.

“Manish Arora was booked for unauthorised interference in the conduct of railways. He was granted bail and allowed to go with his mother and another relative,” said Prasad.

The officer said that the accused would be required to be present before the railway magistrate on a given date and pay the due penalty. “Non payment of penalty can lead to imprisonment,” said Prasad.

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