How to get rid of pimples in forehead?

Treatment and home remedies
People with mild forehead acne may find applying lemon or lime juice helps.
Apply pure aloe vera oil directly to the forehead.
Mix a few drops with water and apply to the forehead with a cotton pad.
Mix one-quarter diluted apple cider vinegar with three-quarters water and apply to the forehead with a cotton pad.
Lemon or lime juice. Apply directly to the forehead with a cotton pad.

Maintaining a good standard of personal hygiene is the best way for someone to prevent acne on the forehead. While some pimples may be inevitable, especially during puberty, washing regularly will help to minimize the risk of a significant outbreak occurring.

avoiding the wearing of tight-fitting hats or clothing that cover the forehead
avoiding the use of harsh skin products on the forehead
using face scrubs to deep cleanse the skin
avoiding the temptation to touch, scratch, or pick pimples on the forehead
removing any makeup before going to bed
washing straight after sport or any activity that causes sweat to build on the forehead
washing your hands regularly throughout the day
avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun

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