How couples can keep their sex life and relationship hot during lockdown

Working from home for an extended period of time to prevent the spread of the coronavirus has had many social and psychological impacts.But it has also inadvertently turned the romantic concept of spending the rest of your life with someone you love on its head. Sex in home lockdown does not have to be boring or routine. There are a few ways to spice things up. You need to know how to draw a line between spending time together and spending all your time together. This can be done by creating appropriate boundaries to allow each other to do their own thing and have their private spaces.

To put it another way, couples must learn how to spend quality time together. But with the current situation, where most couples are forced to do everything together 24/7, it’s definitely way too much and could affect their emotional and physical relationships. Couples working from home together during this time will tend to lose a sense of excitement for each other. Schedule regular sexy date nights or make foreplay last all day. You can tease each other and create anticipation for what will happen in the evening. You can do this through sexting and flirting, or even naughty phone sex or FaceTime from different rooms in the apartment. Partners can also be given a set of sexy instructions or a ‘mission’ like to buy a new sex toy or wear something special that they must complete before date night.
You can also plan a sexy date night once in a while when childcare is available.

As for couples who prefer not to get physical during work hours, she suggests: “Take this as a time to be more present, build intimacy and deepen your connection with each other. Do this by improving your sexual communication.”
For lovebirds separated due to lockdown,mastering the art of sexting and sexy or dirty talk. They could even use old-fashioned forms of communication like sending a card, letter, gifts, sexy Polaroids, even handwritten erotic stories if they’re creative

How to improve sexual communication
1. Compile a sex bucket list of things you want to try together when lockdown is over
2. Create a “sexual desire inventory” of things that turn you on and off, then compare notes
3. Sit opposite each other without touching and gaze into each other’s eyes for 10 minutes uninterrupted
4. Try syncing your breath with your partner. This meditative Tantric practice focuses your attention on each other and is a powerful intimacy tool
5. Curate sexy playlists of music that gets you both “in the mood”

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