When Eyes Speak More Than Words; Read the “Language” of Eyes

You may think the fine art of conversation is all about the words you speak. But research suggests your eyes have something to say, too, letting others know when it’s their turn to pipe up.

Words may not be enough to discover the true meaning behind them. A person’s eyes will always speak the truth. People naturally smile at those they know. But when a smile involves merely the folding of the lips, it is not a real smile unless the eyes ‘smile’ too. Try observing the smiles of those around you. See which ones are real and which ones are not.

When a person says something but looks away, it could be that there is an embarrassment in what was said. You tend to look away when you speak not because you are lying but because you are ashamed.

Most believe that a person who is not telling the truth won’t be able to look straight at the person being lied to. But this is not always the case. When a person tells you a rehearsed lie or a lie prepared in advance, that person will look at you more. This is because he or she wants to see your reaction and whether you believed the lie.

The pupils of the eye dilate when a person looks at someone he or she finds attractive. If you see the pupils of the person talking to you expanding, then you can conclude that this person is attracted to you!

The more you gaze into another person’s eyes, the fonder you become of the person. It is actually possible to make a person fall in love with you this way. By asking a person to look into your eyes for a few minutes, you can make that person like you more. Of course, the same will happen to you. This is why people deeply in love look into each other’s eyes more frequently.

Pay close attention to people’s eyes when you are in a conversation and you will discover much more than what they are actually saying.

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