Surge in Bicycle Sales Expected to Exceed Rs 500 Crore in Kerala This Summer

As temperatures rise and summer approaches, the bicycle market in Kerala is witnessing a remarkable resurgence. Once a ubiquitous symbol of freedom on the streets, bicycles are regaining their popularity, with sales projected to soar to unprecedented levels.

Traders anticipate that bicycle sales in Kerala alone will surpass the Rs 500 crore mark during the summer season. This surge represents a substantial increase of 30-40 percent compared to previous years, indicating a significant uptick in demand.

While bicycles were traditionally considered the vehicle of choice for the common man, they now cater to a diverse range of consumers. From affordable options for three-year-old children starting at Rs 3,200 to high-end geared bicycles priced at around Rs 45,000, the market offers a wide variety to suit every preference. Remarkably, bicycles priced up to Rs 10 lakhs are also available, catering to niche segments.

The spike in bicycle sales is not only attributed to the annual surge during school summer holidays but also to the growing adoption of cycling among urban youth. With an increasing emphasis on fitness and sustainability, bicycles have emerged as a popular mode of transportation and recreation.

Moreover, the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic has further fueled demand for bicycles. As people spent extended periods at home, many turned to cycling as a form of exercise and outdoor activity. This newfound appreciation for cycling has not only boosted sales but also led to a slight reduction in prices, making bicycles more accessible to a wider audience.

In addition to bicycles, ancillary products such as helmets, gloves, and safety equipment are witnessing robust sales, underscoring a heightened awareness of safety among cyclists.

India’s burgeoning bicycle market reaffirms its position as the second-largest bicycle user globally, trailing only behind China. With a renewed focus on health, sustainability, and affordability, bicycles are poised to play an increasingly integral role in Kerala’s transportation landscape and lifestyle choices.

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